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CDC adapter: mxs_adapter doesn't measure transaction insert time as expected



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      CDC adapter calculates time between two transactions and displays this time as time for inserting of data from one transaction. It is expected to measure the time for insert operation only.

      Setup the environment as follows
      MariaDB Server ---> MaxScale ---> ColumnStore
      In testing environment the MariaDB Server + MaxScale + CDC Adapter and all needed components are installed on the same machine.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Create table in MariaDB Server

       CREATE TABLE cdc_eli.bst (
       i int(11),
       x char(20)

      2. Insert 1 row in it

      insert into bst values (1,'a1');

      3. Run CDC streaming adapter

      mxs_adapter -c /etc/Columnstore.xml -u cdcuser -p cdcpassword -h localhost -P 4001 cdc_eli bst

      4. The cdc adapter displays message
      Table not found, create with:

         CREATE TABLE cdc_eli.bst (domain int, event_number int, event_type varchar(50), i int(11), sequence int, server_id int, timestamp int, x char(20)) ENGINE=ColumnStore;

      5. Create the required table in ColumnStore
      6. Run cdc adapter again
      7. The adapter will process the data and insert them in the ColumnStore table.

      1 rows and 1 transactions inserted in 0.814648 seconds. GTID = 0-1-48

      8. Wait for a couple of minutes and insert one more record through the MariaDB Server

      insert into bst values (2,'a');

      The measured time is displayed as:

      1 rows and 1 transactions inserted in 731.168 seconds. GTID = 0-1-49

      9. Wait more - for example around 1 hour and insert one more row

      insert into bst values (3,'a3');

      The measured time is displayed as:

      1 rows and 1 transactions inserted in 3044.4 seconds. GTID = 0-1-50

      Display time for inserting if the records. Waiting time must not be taken in considerations.




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