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Something bleeding into log_error file



    • Type: Bug
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    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Incomplete
    • Affects Version/s: 1.0.10, 1.0.11, 1.1.0
    • Fix Version/s: Icebox
    • Component/s: DMLProc
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      Centos 7


      It's possible that this is intentional, but I really doubt it. In the file specified by the log_error variable there seems to be a lot of stuff that isn't meant to be in there such as incomplete queries , with a format that is not consistent with the format of the rest of the file, I've got it running on three different servers, with three different versions, and each seems to have the issue, although each seems to be behaving slightly different, for example, this is the entirety of the file on one server

      on duplicate: 424/71 = 0
      on duplicate: 424/71 = 0ntryID BETWEEN 4617614 AND 4617679
      on duplicate: 424/71 = 0ntryID BETWEEN 4617680 AND 4617754
      on duplicate: 424/71 = 0ntryID BETWEEN 4617755 AND 4617815
      on duplicate: 424/71 = 0ntryID BETWEEN 4617816 AND 4617867
      ---- cutting around 100 lines that are the same format as the above ----
      on duplicate: 424/71 = 0ntryID BETWEEN 4624932 AND 4625024
      on duplicate: 424/71 = 0ntryID BETWEEN 4625025 AND 4625091
      on duplicate: 424/71 = 0ntryID BETWEEN 4625092 AND 4625179
      on duplicate: 424/71 = 0ntryID BETWEEN 4625180 AND 4625236
      on duplicate: 424/71 = 0ntryID BETWEEN 4625237 AND 4625305
      JOIN Sessions USING (Sessi

      Just ends mid query, and those lines look like two things smushed together (EntryID BETWEEN x and y certainly happens, but no 0ntryID)

      On the other two servers there's plenty of lines that start with create_query: INSERT INTO - and then a query that is again cut off before it finishes, with no text specifying an error, and for queries that are working.

      I've been trying to figure out what this might be, I figure it might be what the general_log might output. I don't have any current "normal" MariaDB instances without ColumnStore running, but I did have several .err files from when I did, I looked through those and didn't find anything like what I'm seeing in the files now.

      Also in case it matters, I have log_warnings set to 1

      If you need any additional information please let me know!




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