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On ovh data center servers, postConfigure crashed on upgrade



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    • 1.1.1
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    • 2017-22


      Build tested: 1.1.1-1 CS 1.1.2-1 source build

      When running postConfigure, segmentation fault errors occurs.

      [root@cs-tst-01 bin]# ./postConfigure

      This is the MariaDB ColumnStore System Configuration and Installation tool.
      It will Configure the MariaDB ColumnStore System and will perform a Package
      Installation of all of the Servers within the System that is being configured.

      IMPORTANT: This tool should only be run on the Parent OAM Module
      which is a Performance Module, preferred Module #1

      Prompting instructions:

      Press 'enter' to accept a value in (), if available or
      Enter one of the options within [], if available, or
      Enter a new value

      A copy of the MariaDB ColumnStore Configuration file has been saved during Package install.
      It's Configured for a Multi-Server Install.
      You have an option of utilizing the configuration data from that file or starting
      with the MariaDB ColumnStore Configuration File that comes with the MariaDB ColumnStore Package.
      You will only want to utilize the old configuration data when performing the same
      type of install, i.e. Single or Multi-Server

      Do you want to utilize the configuration data from the saved copy? [y,n] > y
      Segmentation fault

      This error occurs when simply rerunning postConfigure, or on an upgrade.

      The same error did not occur in my VM environment.




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