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federatedx fails in bb-10.2-connector-c-integ



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      See http://buildbot.askmonty.org/buildbot/builders/kvm-fulltest/builds/5947/steps/test_7/logs/stdio

      the test uses --ps-protocol.
      Some warnings are missing

      CURRENT_TEST: federated.federatedx
      --- /mnt/buildbot/build/mariadb-10.2.0/mysql-test/suite/federated/federatedx.result	2016-05-10 23:55:59.000000000 +0300
      +++ /mnt/buildbot/build/mariadb-10.2.0/mysql-test/suite/federated/federatedx.reject	2016-05-11 07:57:14.000000000 +0300
      @@ -1019,8 +1019,6 @@
       `blurb` text default '',
       PRIMARY KEY (blurb_id))
       DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1;
      -Warning	1101	BLOB/TEXT column 'blurb' can't have a default value
       connection master;
       DROP TABLE IF EXISTS federated.t1;
       CREATE TABLE federated.t1 (
      @@ -1030,8 +1028,6 @@
         DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1
      -Warning	1101	BLOB/TEXT column 'blurb' can't have a default value
       INSERT INTO federated.t1 VALUES (1, " MySQL supports a number of column types in several categories: numeric types, date and time types, and string (character) types.  This chapter first gives an overview of these column types, and then provides a more detailed description of the properties of the types in each category, and a summary of the column type storage requirements.  The overview is intentionally brief.  The more detailed descriptions should be consulted for additional information about particular column types, such as the allowable formats in which you can specify values.");
       INSERT INTO federated.t1 VALUES (2, "All arithmetic is done using signed BIGINT or DOUBLE values, so you should not use unsigned big integers larger than 9223372036854775807 (63 bits) except with bit functions! If you do that, some of the last digits in the result may be wrong because of rounding errors when converting a BIGINT value to a DOUBLE.");
       INSERT INTO federated.t1 VALUES (3, " A floating-point number.  p represents the precision. It can be from 0 to 24 for a single-precision floating-point number and from 25 to 53 for a double-precision floating-point number. These types are like the FLOAT and DOUBLE types described immediately following.  FLOAT(p) has the same range as the corresponding FLOAT and DOUBLE types, but the display size and number of decimals are undefined.  ");
      mysqltest: Result length mismatch
       - saving '/mnt/buildbot/build/mariadb-10.2.0/mysql-test/var/2/log/federated.federatedx-X/' to '/mnt/buildbot/build/mariadb-10.2.0/mysql-test/var/log/federated.federatedx-X/'
      Retrying test federated.federatedx, attempt(2/3)...


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