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DML statements on a Galera Cluster node with sql_log_bin=OFF still appears in binary log on _other_ nodes



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    • 10.1.8
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    • Galera
    • Centos 7


      Our set-up:

      • 3-node galera cluster
      • MariaDB 10.1.8
      • Centos 7

      Configuration is pretty vanilla (this is a test cluster for now). The important settings are:

      • binary logging enabled
      • binlog_format = ROW
      • log_slave_updates=ON
      • sql_log_bin=ON

      Things work fine. Except when apps do changes with sql_log_bin=OFF in their session - when doing so, the changes are (correctly) omitted from the binary logs on ONE node. But the binary logs on the OTHER nodes still show the changes!

      This is a problem for us, as we need to be able to use asynchronous replication from the cluster to other servers: The slaves will see inconsistent behaviour depending on which node the changes originate from and which node they connect to.


      connect mysql node_1;
      create database if not exists test;
      use test;
      create table test_sql_log_bin (
        id bigint auto_increment primary key,
        s varchar(200)
      insert into test_sql_log_bin(s) values (concat('Row from ',@@hostname, ' with sql_log_bin=', @@sql_log_bin));
      set sql_log_bin=0;
      insert into test_sql_log_bin(s) values (concat('Row from ',@@hostname, ' with sql_log_bin=', @@sql_log_bin));

      Our current results are:

      • both rows are replicated correctly to node_2 and node_3 (before MDEV-7205 was fixed, the 2nd insert did not replicate correctly)
      • binary log on node_1 only shows the first insert, which is what was expected.
      • binary log on node_2 and node_3 shows both inserts - even though the 2nd was done with sql_log_bin=OFF. This is not what we hoped for...


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