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Windows IOPS issue (slow read)



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    • Windows 7 x64, SSD disk


      There is something strange on disk usage (IOPS) on Windows version.
      I'm doing some tests porting an ERP archive from SQL Server to MariaDB.

      The test archive is a ledger table with 22.800.000 rows, each rows has 69 columns for a total row length of 832 bytes.
      There is a primary key which is an autoincrement.

      On the same machine (i5 4 core, Samsung SSD 840) there is a big difference between SQL Server and MariaDB.
      My test is with a query without indexes (ex. search for a specific value or GROUP BY and SUM) so the engine have to do a full table scan.
      I need this type of test (obviously I can speed up the query with an index).
      Each engine is limited to 2 GB of RAM (for MariaDB with innodb_buffer_pool_size).

      Same query repeated a lot of times, takes about 30sec for a full table scan on SQL Server and about 90sec with MariaDB. 3x times!

      Watching filesystem activity with Performance Monitor, I've seen that SQL Server can reach 400/450 MB/sec reading its MDF file.
      MariaDB is stuck at 150 MB/sec to read IDB file.

      I've tried with innodb_io_capacity parameter but without lucky.

      In attachment you find table structure and some screenshots.


        1. Memory limited.PNG
          Memory limited.PNG
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        2. PerfMon Disk MariaDB.PNG
          PerfMon Disk MariaDB.PNG
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        3. PerfMon Disk SQL Server.PNG
          PerfMon Disk SQL Server.PNG
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        4. Result MariaDB.PNG
          Result MariaDB.PNG
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        5. Result SQL Server.PNG
          Result SQL Server.PNG
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        6. Table.sql
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