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mysqlreport updated version that adds AriaDB pagecache stats, binlog cache stats, subquery cache stats, TokuDB stats and bugfixes




      The latest revision can be found on : https://github.com/jb-boin/mariadb/blob/5.5.30/debian/additions/mysqlreport

      Read the comments to follow the new revisions additions (such as subquery cache, binary log cache, TokuDB stats, returned rows stats, threadpool usage stats and many small fixes/improvements).

      I've made a patch for mysqlreport so it can report actual AriaDB page cache stats like the key buffer cache usage for MyISAM.

      Patch is pretty trivial and based on how mysqlreport reports the MyISAM key cache informations.
      I would strongly advise to verify if the returned values are correct and if possible, implement a better verification for the presence of AriaDB than checking the version string for "-MariaDB-".

      Tested on MySQL 5.1 (no AriaDB infos shown) and on Maria 5.5.27 (shows informations without any error).

      Here is an example of the produced output :

      __ Aria Pagecache ______________________________________________________
      Buffer used 124.95M of 128.00M %Used: 97.61
      Current 128.00M %Usage: 100.00
      Write hit 53.16%
      Read hit 86.87%

      ps: there is a warning when launching mysqlreport :

      Use of uninitialized value in formline at mysqlreport line 1300

      Its an upstream bug (same error encountered on Debian 6 with non MariaDB mysqlreport and MySQL 5.1) as mysqlreport reads "Innodb_buffer_pool_read_ahead_seq" value but it seems that this value has been replaced by "Innodb_buffer_pool_read_ahead" on MySQL/MariaDB for a long time, correcting this could also be a good idea.




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