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Audit Plugin Feature Request - Add server_audit_sql_include_file and server_audit_sql_exclude_file options



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      Audit Plugin Feature Request:

      Add server_audit_sql_include_file and server_audit_sql_exclude_file options

      Do you think you could evaluate the possibility to add f.ex:
      a) server_audit_sql_include_file
      b) server_audit_sql_exclude_file

      These files would contain:
      for file a) sql commands and/or queries that you should always log regarding which user actually issued the query
      F. ex. you might want to exclude a user XYZ via the server_audit_excl_users, but you might still like to always log a delete command from that user XYZ.

      for file b) sql commands/queries that you would always ignore
      Our webserver uses a technical user to connect to mariadb, the webapp has a scheduler to query a few tables every 5 minutes.
      It would be nice if we could exclude these queries as they do a lot of noise.
      We can't exclude the technical user as every other query is actually issued from that technical user too.

      Using regex pattern would be nice too ).

      Anyway the plugin is still great!!!

      • It would be interesting to have those files loaded on startup into some kind of non-persistent audit_schema (like information/performance_schema).
      • On a running system, you should be able to add/remove queries on the fly into the audit_schema tables to ignore or include them into the currently running auditing process .
      • audit_schema would show statistics too, or information_schema would include these auditing statistics tables ... etc

      As mentionned ... these are only ideas/features that we would appreciate




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