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Feedback plugin statisics problem



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      There was feedback on #maria today that the Feedback Plugin statistics on mariadb.org don’t get updated when the Feedback plugin is turned on.

      Here some of the comments:
      13:32 < AL13N_lappy> hi, finally got internet to work!
      13:34 < AL13N_lappy> gonna check stats now, hopefully it worked for mageia!
      13:35 < AL13N_lappy> http://mariadb.org/feedback_plugin/stats/os/
      13:35 < AL13N_lappy> hmm
      13:35 < AL13N_lappy> this can't be right
      13:36 < AL13N_lappy> wlad: Serg: knielsen: can anyone check why stats don't seem to be
      13:38 < AL13N_lappy> yes, the logs said that the post of the feedback plugin worked
      13:38 < AL13N_lappy> that was on friday, before i left on holiday
      13:39 < AL13N_lappy> i expected the linux count to be higher than 17 at the very least
      13:41 < AL13N_lappy> so, i urged our users to use feedback plugin as well
      13:41 < AL13N_lappy> and i did so on 2 machines
      13:41 < AL13N_lappy> which are all linux
      13:42 < AL13N_lappy> so it should be at least more than 17
      13:42 < AL13N_lappy> likely more
      13:42 < AL13N_lappy> i was expecting 30 or more
      13:44 < XL> taipres: MariaDB is a fork of MySQL. In many aspects they behave very similar.
      Many people working on MariaDB now, worked on MySQL before.
      13:45 < AL13N_lappy> let's just say that alot of the original devs from mysql are now working
      on mariadb since oracle took over mysql
      15:29 < AL13N_lappy> can anyone look into the stats issue?
      15:29 < AL13N_lappy> dbart: montywi: serg: knielsen: wlad: ?
      15:30 < AL13N_lappy> friday, i noticed that the logs says that the feedback plugin post call
      was successful, but linux stats are still at 17
      15:37 < wlad> AL13N_lappy, I can only see the same thing as you see.. I do not know how to get
      raw data

      AL13N_lappy can be found on #maria or you can email him at "alien AT rmail DOT be"


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