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mariadb-dump doesn't utf-8 encode database name



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      Please refer to my Stack Overflow question about this issue.

      In short, in Windows using `cmd.exe`, if I try to use a database name that contains the character "ö" with Unicode code point U+00F6, the command fails with these two errors:

      mariadb-dump.exe: Error: 'Illegal mix of collations (utf8mb3_general_ci,IMPLICIT) and (utf8mb4_general_ci,COERCIBLE) for operation '='' when trying to dump tablespaces
      mariadb-dump.exe: Got error: 1300: "Invalid utf8mb4 character string: 'dbf\xF6retag'" when selecting the database

      This is a server with `character-set-server=utf8mb4` and the same for the database charset.

      Regardless of the code page (`chcp`) being used in the `cmd.exe` session, the "ö" on the command line is apparently correctly interpreted as the Unicode character U+00F6, but when sending the database name to the server if puts that Unicode codepoint into the database name string "as is", instead of encoding it into utf-8.

      The correct utf-8 encoding is \xc3\xB6. I can get a working command line if I replace the "ö" with "ö", because those two characters have Unicode code points U+00C3 and U+00B6, resulting in a string that contains "ö" if interpreted as utf-8.

      I am unable to determine if the problem lies within `mariadb-dump.exe`, in a client library/connector that it makes use of, or if it's a problem at the server side.


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