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10.6 performance regression with sustained high-connection write-only OLTP workload (55-80% degradation)





      On MariaDB 10.6.12 (found in 10.6.11) at a sustained (800 second) OLTP write-only workload at 64 benchmark threads/connections (48 core / 96 thread hardware), the throughput starts high (~2200 TPS) and then gradually decreases starting from the 450 second mark until the end of the run (ends at ~980 TPS - 55.4% drop-off in performance). Performance is stable on MariaDB 10.5.18 (no regression), which averaged 2625 TPS over the 800s benchmark, with no drop-off in TPS. innodb_flush_method was set to O_DIRECT for both MariaDB 10.6 and 10.5 benchmarks.

      Additional information

      • TPS continues to decrease if more time is added to the benchmark:
        • ~2350 TPS to ~500 TPS over a 1500s benchmark (79% drop-off in performance).
      • CPUs utilized (measured by task-clock):
        • MariaDB 10.6.12: 0.732 CPUs
        • MariaDB 10.5.18: 1.490 CPUs
      • Issue seems to happen when there are greater or equal connections than CPU cores; did not see the issue at 32 threads, but started seeing the issue at >=48 threads (on a 48 core / 96 thread CPU).
      • Flamegraph results show CPU time spent on buf_page related functions, with buf_LRU_free_page blocking a lot of the on-CPU time.
      • innodb_buffer_pool_wait_free metric increases over the entire duration of the run. At ~200s, the metric is at ~40,000, but at ~420s (where the regression happens) its at ~115,000. By the end of the run (800s) the metric is at ~300,000.
      • Performance schema shows a lot of time spent in buf_pool_mutex.


      • See the my.cnf file attached.
      • Ran Sysbench 1.0.20, wrapped in mini-benchmark.sh, with the following modifications:
        • oltp_write_only workload.
        • 64 benchmark threads only.
        • 800 second benchmark duration.
        • Sysbench prepare:
          • sysbench oltp_write_only prepare --threads=16 --tables=20 --table-size=100000

        • Sysbench run:
          • sysbench oltp_write_only run --threads=$t --time=800 --tables=20 --table_size=100000 --db-ps-mode=disable --simple_ranges=0 --order_ranges=0 --distinct_ranges=0 --sum_ranges=0 --report-interval=10

      Other Details

      • Ran the benchmarks on the following hardware (virtualized environment):
        • m5.12xlarge AWS EC2 instance
          • Intel Xeon Platinum 8175 processor @ 2.5 GHz (3.1 GHz turbo, 48 cores / 96 threads)
          • 192 GB memory
        • 500 GB SSD-based storage
      • Issue was reproduced on other instances and CPUs (Intel, ARM) at high threads/connections.

      "Logs & Flamegraphs" Folder

      The attached Logs & Flamegraphs.zip file contains the following:

      • MariaDB 10.5 benchmark (1 run):
        • Run 1: Same configuration as the "Reproduce" section
      • MariaDB 10.6 benchmarks (3 runs):
        • Run 1: Same configuration as the "Reproduce" section
        • Run 2: Same configuration as Run 1, but with a flamegraph (perf record)
        • Run 3: Same configuration as Run 1, but with a flamegraph of only the last 330 seconds of the run (approximately when the degradation occurs).

      Each run has a photo graphing the TPS over time. The graphs for runs 1 of MariaDB 10.5.18 and 10.6.12 are also attached directly to this ticket.


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