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race on trx->lock.wait_lock in deadlock resolution




      1. trx 1 does semi-consistent read for UPDATE, checks its was_chosen_as_deadlock_victim in lock_trx_handle_wait(), it's not set, and the execution goes to the trx->lock.wait_lock check.

      2. trx 2 executes DELETE and does deadlock resolution, it sets victim->lock.was_chosen_as_deadlock_victim= true for trx 1 and executes lock_cancel_waiting_and_release(), which, in turns, calls lock_reset_lock_and_trx_wait() where trx->lock.wait_lock is reset for trx 2.

      3. trx 1 loads trx->lock.wait_lock value, as it was reset by trx 1, the value is nullptr, and lock_trx_handle_wait() returns success. As it returns success, row_search_mvcc() tries to lock the next record and lock_rec_lock() aborts execution as the condition ut_ad(!(trx->lock.was_chosen_as_deadlock_victim & 1)) is not true;

      The logic which is supposed to be is the following. Trx 1 created waiting lock and either already suspended in lock_wait() or is moving to it. Trx 2 does deadlock resolution, chooses trx 1 as a victim and releases and cancels waiting lock. Trx 1 checks trx->lock.was_chosen_as_deadlock_victim before or after suspending in lock_wait(), and rolls back itself. And there must not be any new locks created by Trx 1. That's why MDEV-29081 made sense.

      This logic does not work in the case of semi-consistent read. As in this case trx 1 checks lock state in lock_trx_handle_wait() after creating waiting lock and trying to read committed version of the record. And if lock_trx_handle_wait() returns "success", lock_wait() will not be executed, and trx->lock.was_chosen_as_deadlock_victim will not be checked, what allows trx 1 to continue execution and create new locks even if trx->lock.was_chosen_as_deadlock_victim was set by some other transaction after lock_trx_handle_wait() call.


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