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Server crash when creating an index after adding a foreign key



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    • 10.7.3
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    • docker desktop on windows


      When using a newly created database, executing the following sql statements will cause a server crash.

      create table player_profiles (
        id                            varchar(40) not null,
        name                          varchar(255) not null,
        tokens                        integer default 0 not null,
        constraint pk_player_profiles primary key (id)
      create table player_report (
        id                            varchar(40) not null,
        sender_player_id              varchar(40) not null,
        target_player_id              varchar(40) not null,
        created_at                    datetime(6) not null,
        constraint pk_player_report primary key (id)
      create index ix_player_report_sender_player_id on player_report (sender_player_id);
      -- the next line adds a foreign key, removing this line will prevent a server crash
      alter table player_report add constraint fk_player_report_sender_player_id foreign key (sender_player_id) references player_profiles (id) on delete restrict on update restrict;
      -- server crashes on this query
      create index ix_player_report_target_player_id on player_report (target_player_id);

      The crash occurs when adding a foreign key, followed by the creation of an index. This happens on the same table but on different columns.

      The docker image was freshly pulled from Docker Hub and run on a Windows 10 computer.


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