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Valgrind / ASAN warnings and retry-pass/retry-fail info do not go to MTR XML, XML can contain illegal symbols




      If MTR is started with Valgrind and test fails due to Valgrind warnings, XML file from MTR contains only ne-line message like CURRENT_TEST: main.analyze_stmt_orderby, but whole output can be visible only from Console log (so, it is not going to Jenkins report or test results DB viewer)

      Also if test case is restarted by MTR result can be retry-fail or retry-pass - such situation is not translated to XML (restarted case is mentioned only ones - there is no way to see e.g. initial failure logs if test is 'retry-pass')

      another issue: every test can be executed with different parameters, e.g.:

      innod.101_compatibility "innodb,32k" [ failed ]
      innod.101_compatibility "innodb,16k" [ passed ]
      innod.101_compatibility "innodb,8k" [ passed ]

      If warning, comment etc contains symbols that are illegal for XML such symbols go to CDATA filed and generated XML is malformed


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