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Support zstd Compression algorithm for IO



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      Server support zlib library for compression.
      Facebook zstd (open-source dual BSD and GPLv2 license) argue to have better compression and decompression speed for better ratio.

      MySQL implement that in 8.0.
      see task , task, task and documentation

      New variables

      [Compression_algorithm|https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/server-status-variables.html#statvar_Compression_algorithm] : The name of the compression algorithm in use for the current connection to the server
      [Compression_level|https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/server-status-variables.html#statvar_Compression_level]: The compression level in use for the current connection to the server
      protocol_compression_algorithms: List the compression algorithms that the server permits for incoming connections.

      Protocol change

      New capability CLIENT_ZSTD_COMPRESSION_ALGORITHM (1UL << 26) indicate supporting zstd algorithm. (enable when global variable protocol-compression-algorithms contains zstd).

      Handshake Response Packet has a new "compress_level" value

      * int<4> client capabilities
      * int<4> max packet size
      * int<1> client character collation
      * string<19> reserved
      * if not (server_capabilities & CLIENT_MYSQL)
        * int<4> extended client capabilities
      * else
        * string<4> reserved
      * string<NUL> username
      * if (server_capabilities & PLUGIN_AUTH_LENENC_CLIENT_DATA)
        * string<lenenc> authentication data
      * else if (server_capabilities & CLIENT_SECURE_CONNECTION)
        * int<1> length of authentication response
        * string<fix> authentication response (length is indicated by previous field)
      * else
        * int<1> 0x00
      * if (server_capabilities & CLIENT_CONNECT_WITH_DB)
        * string<NUL> default database name
      * if (server_capabilities & CLIENT_PLUGIN_AUTH)
        * string<NUL> authentication plugin name
      * if (server_capabilities & CLIENT_CONNECT_ATTRS)
        * int<lenenc> size of connection attributes
        * loop
          * string<lenenc> key
          * string<lenenc> value
      * if (server_capabilities & CLIENT_ZSTD_COMPRESSION_ALGORITHM && client_capabilities & CLIENT_ZSTD_COMPRESSION_ALGORITHM )
        * string<1> compression level

      No dictionnary is used in MySQL implementation, but dictionary with zstd benchmarks generally improve encryption/decryption time drastically for small amount of data. Some verification might be done to see if that this can be applicable to MariaDB exchanges


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