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Allow to use binary row format even for COM_QUERY



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      There are two different row format for resultset : TEXT and BINARY format.

      When retrieving numeric values in text format there is a lot of overhead:

      • Server converts numeric values into string
      • String values (which might be larger than the native binary format) need to be transferred via wire
      • Client needs to store the string and convert it back to a numeric value

      The difference mainly concern :

      • null that are encoded using 1 bit, compare to 1 byte
      • numeric: text versus native. example "2147483647" will take 11 bytes (1 for length) vs 4 bytes for binary
      • date/time/timestamp: text versus "semi-native". example: "2001-01-01 00:00:00" takes 20 bytes (1 for length) vs 8 bytes

      -When tested, representative workload TPC-C data is 40208 bytes for text vs 31325 for binary row (without header).-
      That much exchange on network improve drastically performance.
      Parsing native data will improve client execution too, for example in Python benchmarks fetching numeric values is up to 60% faster.
      A minor annoyance is that using BINARY format is less readable for debugging

      Proposal: Add an additionally capability MARIADB_BINARY_RESULT. If supported, the client will send this capability flag during handshake. The server afterwards will send result sets for COM_QUERY in binary format.




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