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Improve connect speed



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      First set of optimisations pushed to 10.5 (gives ~25% better throughput in sysbench connect benchmark):

      54b81cf mysql_socket_accept() microoptimisations
      a61baa7 Maintain connection_count atomically
      0bee021 Simplified away wake_thread
      34dfcbe Move thread re-initialisation out of cache_thread
      ebc55c8 Simplified away scheduler_functions::end_thread()
      6900aaf Simplified away init_new_connection_thread()
      8d9d4aa Signal COND_thread_cache out of mutex
      5d183df Try accept a few times before falling back to poll
      8777540 Improved ha_close_connection() scalability
      5e13943 Adiue thd_ha_data(), you've broke many hearts
      ec926b0 Fixed RocksDB to follow THD ha_data protocol
      8c8d584 Fixed InnoDB to not use broken thd_ha_data()
      5e1b3cc Fixed Aria to follow THD ha_data protocol
      ba59cc0 Fixed Sphinx to follow THD ha_data protocol
      00e533c Fixed Mroonga to follow THD ha_data protocol
      5c18ba6 Fixed Spider to follow THD ha_data protocol
      762d2b9 Fixed FederatedX to follow THD ha_data protocol
      ce30c99 Moved vio allocation to connection thread
      efb61c1 Simplified away CONNECT::real_id
      7192d7b Simplified away CONNECT::extra_port
      c90c769 Simplified away CONNECT::host
      56b1cdd Removed duplicate thread cache check
      701e2a7 Optimised fcntl() when accepting connections
      218a68b Less shared variables loads under the mutex
      8268fa8 Moved set_timespec out of LOCK_thread_cache mutex
      ca84758 Cleanup redundant abort_loop checks


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