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Memory usage growing until server crash


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 10.3.12
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    • Environment:
      MariaDB server v10.3.12 - 32 bits for Windows

      Installed on : Windows Server 2016 64 bit, Intel Xeon CPU e5-2620


      I am using MariaDB as a bridge for old databases that has only 32 bit ODBC drivers.

      So, I have create many tables in MariaDB using the CONNECT engine to point to thoses old databases.

      For example:

      I have also created a "send command to ODBC data source" table as per documentation of the CONNECT engine.

      Through a .NET program, I open the connection, send SELECT requests or Update / Insert requests to the special "send command to ODBC data source" table. Then close the connection. Memory usage by the "mysqld" process on the Windows server just keep on growing. Even simple SELECT request through MySQL Workbench does the same thing on memory.

      I have tried with MySQL ODBC driver and MariaDB ODBC driver.... same situation of memory not released.

      That leads to the MariaDB server crashing.

      I haven't changed anything in the MariaDB config file, default values from the installation are used.

      I am joining a partial error log file.


        1. Call 2 - MySQL.txt
          12 kB
        2. create local CONNECT table MariaDB.txt
          0.2 kB
        3. create remote InnoDB table MySQL.txt
          0.1 kB
        4. In Mariadb 1 of 2.jpg
          In Mariadb 1 of 2.jpg
          93 kB
        5. In Mariadb 2 of 2.jpg
          In Mariadb 2 of 2.jpg
          76 kB
        6. local MariaDB my.ini
          0.2 kB
        7. Local MariaDB schema.jpg
          Local MariaDB schema.jpg
          35 kB
        8. Local MariaDB table.jpg
          Local MariaDB table.jpg
          78 kB
        9. Log MariaDB.txt
          4 kB
        10. ODBC MySQL DSN setup.jpg
          ODBC MySQL DSN setup.jpg
          176 kB
        11. remote MySQL my.ini
          0.6 kB
        12. Remote MySQL schema.jpg
          Remote MySQL schema.jpg
          35 kB
        13. Remote MySQL table.jpg
          Remote MySQL table.jpg
          89 kB
        14. setup for testing.jpg
          setup for testing.jpg
          77 kB
        15. tblfourn on MySQL server.jpg
          tblfourn on MySQL server.jpg
          269 kB



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