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CONNECT Engine JDBC not able to issue simple UPDATE statement from trigger or stored procedure




      Assume we have a CONNECT JDBC table called ProductVariants. I can successfully issue the following command:

      UPDATE ProductVariants
      SET InventoryQuantity = 3
      WHERE Id = 21163284529232

      The above works with hard coded values when issued direct, works when issued via a stored procedure, but does NOT work when issued via a trigger (on another table). With the trigger you get the following error:

      Table 'ProductVariants' is marked as crashed and should be repaired) #1194

      Of course hard coded values are useless, what I was originally trying to do via a trigger was the following:

      UPDATE ProductVariants
      SET InventoryQuantity = v_new_qty
      WHERE Id = v_ProductVariantId;

      where v_new_qty and v_ProductVariantId are declared as BIGINT and so are the corresponding connect columns. This command produces different errors depending on if issued via a trigger or stored procedure. When issued via a trigger the error is:

      Table 'ProductVariants' is marked as crashed and should be repaired) #1194

      When I call a stored procedure and pass in the values the error is:

      Got error 122 'ExecuteUpdate: XcoreXshopifyX180X6886.dlb: At least ID should be specified in this SQL statement. n=-1' from CONNECT

      In the stored procedure scenario it looks like it is somehow not seeing the variables. In the trigger case I have no idea.

      This is in a critical code path for a client deployment unfortunately, and we can't find a work around so a bug fix is critical for us.

      Thank you!


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