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Dead-lock in MYSQL_BIN_LOG::reset_logs(..) ?




      I've installed MariaDB 10.3.7 and initialized with my own configs (from previous setups), set a root user.. etc, then I have executed

      /usr/bin/mysql -NAB -u'root' -p'!password$$' -e "RESET MASTER"

      And this command seems to be stuck since hours (actually it is almost half a day since now...).

      I have attached my mysqld config, logs and the backtrace of mysqld too, it seems to be waiting for a mutex ... possibly dead-lock internally?

      Actually there are two issues here:
      1) Server gets stuck in executing 'RESET MASTER'
      ( The GDB backtrace suggests it is waiting for a mutex, possible dead-lock? )
      2) Client never times out? how is that?
      ( I still have this running since yesterday ~15:16 or something like that... )

      Unfortunetely mariadb doesn't provide -dbg packages (or i just don't see them) so i couldn't provide better backtrace atm...


        1. backtrace.txt
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          David Kedves
        2. bt.txt
          40 kB
          David Kedves
        3. my.cnf
          2 kB
          David Kedves
        4. my.cnf.txt
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          David Kedves
        5. mysqld.log
          8 kB
          David Kedves
        6. packages.txt
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          David Kedves
        7. processlist.txt
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          David Kedves
        8. processlist.txt
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          David Kedves
        9. psaux.txt
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          David Kedves
        10. pstree.txt
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          David Kedves
        11. reproduced_again.txt
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          David Kedves
        12. rpmqa.txt
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          David Kedves

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