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Remove bogus conditions related to not redo-logging PAGE_MAX_TRX_ID changes




      InnoDB originally skipped the redo logging in page_set_max_trx_id() until I enabled it in a commit whose exact history is lost, but which was later repushed to the MySQL repository as part two commits: e76b873f24cd (present in 5.5.5 and some InnoDB Plugin for MySQL 5.1) and 509e761:

      r5038 | marko | 2009-05-19 22:59:07 +0300 (Tue, 19 May 2009) | 30 lines

      branches/zip: Write PAGE_MAX_TRX_ID to the redo log. Otherwise,
      transactions that are started before the rollback of incomplete
      transactions has finished may have an inconsistent view of the
      secondary indexes.

      dict_index_is_sec_or_ibuf(): Auxiliary function for controlling
      updates and checks of PAGE_MAX_TRX_ID: check whether an index is a
      secondary index or the insert buffer tree.

      page_set_max_trx_id(), page_update_max_trx_id(),
      lock_sec_rec_modify_check_and_lock(), btr_cur_ins_lock_and_undo(),
      btr_cur_upd_lock_and_undo(): Add the parameter mtr.

      page_set_max_trx_id(): Allow mtr to be NULL. When mtr==NULL, do not
      attempt to write to the redo log. This only occurs when creating a
      page or reorganizing a compressed page. In these cases, the
      PAGE_MAX_TRX_ID will be set correctly during the application of redo
      log records, even though there is no explicit log record about it.

      btr_discard_only_page_on_level(): Preserve PAGE_MAX_TRX_ID. This
      function should be unreachable, though.

      btr_cur_pessimistic_update(): Update PAGE_MAX_TRX_ID.

      Add some assertions for checking that PAGE_MAX_TRX_ID is set on all
      secondary index leaf pages.

      The branches/innodb+ that is mentioned in the message was supposed to be a closed-source InnoDB plugin for MySQL. In the end, all those changes were made part of MySQL 5.5.

      In the code, there are some bogus references to recv_recovery_is_on() that should be removed. Also, some references could be replaced with references to index->is_dummy to prepare us for MDEV-14481 (background redo log apply).


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