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Startup failure, unable to decrypt ibdata1




      After upgrading from an older 5.5 release and implementing Data At Rest Encryption, then proceeding to convert a lot of myisam tables over to innodb, the following errors are now reported when starting the mariadb service.

      [ERROR] InnoDB: The page [page id: space=0, page number=7] in file './ibdata1' cannot be decrypted.
      [Note] InnoDB: However key management plugin or used key_version 1 is not found or used encryption algorithm or method does not match.
      [ERROR] [FATAL] InnoDB: Aborting because of a corrupt database page.

      (See attached error_output.txt for full startup log detail)

      The entire upgrade process did work smoothly, until the point I restarted the mariadb service.

      The upgrade process went through the following stages.
      1: Update mariadb via yum using the mariadb repo.
      2: Rework config files due to path changes and start mariadb
      3: Stop database, add in encryption configuration and start again.
      4: Run sql query to convert tables from myisam to innodb.

      # mysql dev_cms -e "show table status where Engine='MyISAM';" | awk 'NR>1

      {print "ALTER TABLE `"$1"` ENGINE = InnoDB;"}

      ' |mysql dev_cms

      5: Test and verify that encryption is working.
      6: Stop and restart mariadb - Fault occurs on startup.

      I've referenced two other issues which appear to be the same problem, however they're both listed and fixed in the 10.1 branch not 10.2

      I don't have, but can probably generate more data if required.


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