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Assertion `! is_set()' or Assertion `!is_set() || (m_stat us == DA_OK_BULK && is_bulk_op())' failed in Diagnostics_area::set_ok_status




      This failure is not related to indexes on virtual columns, it is reproducible whether the indexed virtual column is PERSISTENT/STORED (as in the test case) or VIRTUAL.

          f1 DOUBLE, 
          f2 DOUBLE NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', 
          f3 DOUBLE NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', 
          f4 DOUBLE NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', 
          v1 DOUBLE AS ( IF(EXP(f1),f4,NULL) ) VIRTUAL, 
          v2 DOUBLE AS ( CRC32(f1) ) VIRTUAL, 
          v3 DOUBLE AS ( f4 OR f1 ) PERSISTENT, 
          v4 DOUBLE AS ( ( f1 DIV ( NOT f1 ) ) <= f2 ) VIRTUAL, 
          KEY (v3) 
      ) ENGINE=MyISAM; 
      INSERT INTO t1 ( f1, f2, f3, f4 ) VALUES ( 0, 0, 6, 3 );
      INSERT INTO t1 ( f1, f2, f3, f4 ) SELECT f2, v4, v4, f4 FROM t1;
      INSERT INTO t1 ( f1, f2, f3, f4 ) SELECT f4, v4, f2, v2 FROM t1;
      DELETE FROM t1 WHERE v3 != f3;
      INSERT INTO t1 ( f1, f2, f3, f4 ) SELECT v2, v3, v4, v4 FROM t1;
      UPDATE t1 SET f3 = v1 WHERE f2 = 2 AND v3 != 1;

      5.5 03dabfa84d6bc9a8197c8d9fbe80f2a7f6a5b6ac

      mysqld: /data/src/5.5/sql/sql_error.cc:362: void Diagnostics_area::set_ok_status(THD*, ulonglong, ulonglong, const char*): Assertion `! is_set()' failed.
      161218 17:54:44 [ERROR] mysqld got signal 6 ;
      #7  0x00007f07794f8312 in __GI___assert_fail (assertion=0xd1bb57 "! is_set()", file=0xd1ba90 "/data/src/5.5/sql/sql_error.cc", line=362, function=0xd1bec0 <Diagnostics_area::set_ok_status(THD*, unsigned long long, unsigned long long, char const*)::__PRETTY_FUNCTION__> "void Diagnostics_area::set_ok_status(THD*, ulonglong, ulonglong, const char*)") at assert.c:101
      #8  0x00000000005dfecd in Diagnostics_area::set_ok_status (this=0x7f07752786a0, thd=0x7f0775274060, affected_rows_arg=0, last_insert_id_arg=0, message_arg=0x7f077b54eb00 "Rows matched: 0  Changed: 0  Warnings: 1") at /data/src/5.5/sql/sql_error.cc:362
      #9  0x000000000059d88e in my_ok (thd=0x7f0775274060, affected_rows=0, id=0, message=0x7f077b54eb00 "Rows matched: 0  Changed: 0  Warnings: 1") at /data/src/5.5/sql/sql_class.h:3206
      #10 0x00000000006b7dad in mysql_update (thd=0x7f0775274060, table_list=0x7f0774148180, fields=..., values=..., conds=0x7f0774148ff8, order_num=0, order=0x0, limit=18446744073709551615, handle_duplicates=DUP_ERROR, ignore=false, found_return=0x7f077b54f348, updated_return=0x7f077b54f340) at /data/src/5.5/sql/sql_update.cc:967
      #11 0x00000000006046a5 in mysql_execute_command (thd=0x7f0775274060) at /data/src/5.5/sql/sql_parse.cc:2849
      #12 0x000000000060c834 in mysql_parse (thd=0x7f0775274060, rawbuf=0x7f0774148078 "UPDATE t1 SET f3 = v1 WHERE f2 = 2 AND v3 != 1", length=46, parser_state=0x7f077b54f650) at /data/src/5.5/sql/sql_parse.cc:5934
      #13 0x0000000000600549 in dispatch_command (command=COM_QUERY, thd=0x7f0775274060, packet=0x7f0775f4e061 "UPDATE t1 SET f3 = v1 WHERE f2 = 2 AND v3 != 1", packet_length=46) at /data/src/5.5/sql/sql_parse.cc:1079
      #14 0x00000000005ff703 in do_command (thd=0x7f0775274060) at /data/src/5.5/sql/sql_parse.cc:793
      #15 0x000000000070190f in do_handle_one_connection (thd_arg=0x7f0775274060) at /data/src/5.5/sql/sql_connect.cc:1270
      #16 0x000000000070169c in handle_one_connection (arg=0x7f0775274060) at /data/src/5.5/sql/sql_connect.cc:1186
      #17 0x000000000094409f in pfs_spawn_thread (arg=0x7f0775f7a3a0) at /data/src/5.5/storage/perfschema/pfs.cc:1015
      #18 0x00007f077b18c0a4 in start_thread (arg=0x7f077b550700) at pthread_create.c:309
      #19 0x00007f07795b287d in clone () at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/x86_64/clone.S:111

      10.2 c35b8c46b404d035e54a23d667da5dff6502fc2e

      mysqld: /data/src/10.2/sql/sql_error.cc:380: void Diagnostics_area::set_ok_status(ulonglong, ulonglong, const char*): Assertion `!is_set() || (m_status == DA_OK_BULK && is_bulk_op())' failed.
      #7  0x00007f715dbec312 in __GI___assert_fail (assertion=0x7f71606c6d78 "!is_set() || (m_status == DA_OK_BULK && is_bulk_op())", file=0x7f71606c6d58 "/data/src/10.2/sql/sql_error.cc", line=380, function=0x7f71606c7480 <Diagnostics_area::set_ok_status(unsigned long long, unsigned long long, char const*)::__PRETTY_FUNCTION__> "void Diagnostics_area::set_ok_status(ulonglong, ulonglong, const char*)") at assert.c:101
      #8  0x00007f715fd62176 in Diagnostics_area::set_ok_status (this=0x7f7154c1b050, affected_rows=0, last_insert_id=last_insert_id@entry=0, message=message@entry=0x7f7160d92c30 "Rows matched: 0  Changed: 0  Warnings: 1") at /data/src/10.2/sql/sql_error.cc:380
      #9  0x00007f715fe41908 in my_ok (message=0x7f7160d92c30 "Rows matched: 0  Changed: 0  Warnings: 1", id=0, affected_rows=<optimized out>, thd=0x7f7154c16070) at /data/src/10.2/sql/sql_class.h:4397
      #10 mysql_update (thd=thd@entry=0x7f7154c16070, table_list=0x7f7154c64190, fields=..., values=..., conds=0x7f7154c64fd8, order_num=<optimized out>, order=<optimized out>, limit=18446744073709551615, handle_duplicates=DUP_ERROR, ignore=false, found_return=0x7f7160d930e0, updated_return=0x7f7160d93190) at /data/src/10.2/sql/sql_update.cc:1024
      #11 0x00007f715fd8b6e4 in mysql_execute_command (thd=thd@entry=0x7f7154c16070) at /data/src/10.2/sql/sql_parse.cc:4169
      #12 0x00007f715fd922d2 in mysql_parse (thd=thd@entry=0x7f7154c16070, rawbuf=<optimized out>, length=<optimized out>, parser_state=parser_state@entry=0x7f7160d948e0, is_com_multi=is_com_multi@entry=false, is_next_command=is_next_command@entry=false) at /data/src/10.2/sql/sql_parse.cc:7790
      #13 0x00007f715fd9455b in dispatch_command (command=command@entry=COM_QUERY, thd=thd@entry=0x7f7154c16070, packet=packet@entry=0x7f7154c58071 "UPDATE t1 SET f3 = v1 WHERE f2 = 2 AND v3 != 1", packet_length=packet_length@entry=46, is_com_multi=is_com_multi@entry=false, is_next_command=is_next_command@entry=false) at /data/src/10.2/sql/sql_parse.cc:1799
      #14 0x00007f715fd9708d in do_command (thd=0x7f7154c16070) at /data/src/10.2/sql/sql_parse.cc:1359
      #15 0x00007f715fe84f4a in do_handle_one_connection (connect=connect@entry=0x7f715d071410) at /data/src/10.2/sql/sql_connect.cc:1354
      #16 0x00007f715fe85133 in handle_one_connection (arg=arg@entry=0x7f715d071410) at /data/src/10.2/sql/sql_connect.cc:1260
      #17 0x00007f71601331bf in pfs_spawn_thread (arg=0x7f715d015df0) at /data/src/10.2/storage/perfschema/pfs.cc:1862
      #18 0x00007f715f4860a4 in start_thread (arg=0x7f7160d96300) at pthread_create.c:309
      #19 0x00007f715dca687d in clone () at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/x86_64/clone.S:111




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