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Error "Checsum failure while reading node partition in file" makes server crashes



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      After replacing SSD drives laying under the the RAID+LVM (256GB drives to larger 512GB drives) and extending the LVM logical volume, server started crashing with:

      Checksum failure while reading node partition in file ... error on different TokuDB files (example crash.log attached) - most of the time it's main files, sometime index
      Table structure attached. Crash can be reproduced easily by reading the whole table (or identify the failing part of the data range and read its data).

      The only solution was to drop index/table - in case of table it hurt because it contained 10M-100M lines of data.
      What helps was to split large tables into partitions, smaller ones are not crashing anymore, but the the ones containing 30M+ lines per partition still crashes from time to time.

      My question is if it's related to storage layer or tokudb/mariadb?


        1. 20160711-mysqld.err
          9 kB
        2. 201611071723-mysql.err
          12 kB
        3. 201611110203-innodb-mysqld.err
          10 kB
        4. 20161118-mysqld.err
          451 kB
        5. core-gdb-201611071338.txt
          33 kB
        6. core-gdb-201611071723.txt
          36 kB
        7. core-gdb-full-201611071338.txt
          46 kB
        8. core-gdb-full-201611071338.txt
          46 kB
        9. core-gdb-full-201611071723.txt
          49 kB
        10. crash.log
          1.0 kB
        11. emerge.info
          5 kB
        12. my.cnf
          4 kB
        13. scanner.sql
          1 kB



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