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InnoDB: Assertion failure in file buf0buf.cc line 4730 (encryption.create_or_replace fails in buildbot and outside)



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      perl ./mtr encryption.create_or_replace

      2016-10-31  4:13:55 139793257858944 [ERROR] InnoDB: Database page corruption on disk or a failed
      2016-10-31  4:13:55 139793257858944 [ERROR] InnoDB: Space 0 file ./ibdata1 read of page 301.
      2016-10-31  4:13:55 139793257858944 [ERROR] InnoDB: You may have to recover from a backup.
      2016-10-31  4:13:55 139793257858944 [ERROR] InnoDB: It is also possible that your operatingsystem has corrupted its own file cache.
      2016-10-31  4:13:55 139793257858944 [ERROR] InnoDB: and rebooting your computer removes the error.
      2016-10-31  4:13:55 139793257858944 [ERROR] InnoDB: If the corrupt page is an index page you can also try to
      2016-10-31  4:13:55 139793257858944 [ERROR] InnoDB: fix the corruption by dumping, dropping, and reimporting
      2016-10-31  4:13:55 139793257858944 [ERROR] InnoDB: the corrupt table. You can use CHECK
      2016-10-31  4:13:55 139793257858944 [ERROR] InnoDB: TABLE to scan your table for corruption.
      2016-10-31  4:13:55 139793257858944 [ERROR] InnoDB: See also http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/forcing-innodb-recovery.html about forcing recovery.
      2016-10-31  4:13:55 139793257858944 [ERROR] InnoDB: Ending processing because of a corrupt database page.
      2016-10-31 04:13:55 7f24277a0780  InnoDB: Assertion failure in thread 139793257858944 in file buf0buf.cc line 4730
      InnoDB: We intentionally generate a memory trap.
      InnoDB: Submit a detailed bug report to http://bugs.mysql.com.
      InnoDB: If you get repeated assertion failures or crashes, even
      InnoDB: immediately after the mysqld startup, there may be
      InnoDB: corruption in the InnoDB tablespace. Please refer to
      InnoDB: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/forcing-innodb-recovery.html
      InnoDB: about forcing recovery.
      161031  4:13:55 [ERROR] mysqld got signal 6 ;

      #5  0x00007f2423ff4448 in __GI_abort () at abort.c:89
      #6  0x00007f241d22cac3 in buf_page_io_complete (bpage=0x7f241ab999c0, evict=false) at /data/src/10.1/storage/innobase/buf/buf0buf.cc:4730
      #7  0x00007f241d2494e3 in buf_read_page_low (err=0x7ffeb59a7d1c, sync=true, mode=132, space=0, zip_size=0, unzip=0, tablespace_version=1, offset=301, rbpage=0x7ffeb59a7d80) at /data/src/10.1/storage/innobase/buf/buf0rea.cc:218
      #8  0x00007f241d249a2d in buf_read_page (space=0, zip_size=0, offset=301, bpage=0x7ffeb59a7d80) at /data/src/10.1/storage/innobase/buf/buf0rea.cc:424
      #9  0x00007f241d228677 in buf_page_get_gen (space=0, zip_size=0, offset=301, rw_latch=2, guess=0x0, mode=10, file=0x7f241d5384b0 "/data/src/10.1/storage/innobase/include/trx0undo.ic", line=171, mtr=0x7ffeb59a7fe0, err=0x0) at /data/src/10.1/storage/innobase/buf/buf0buf.cc:2959
      #10 0x00007f241d491db6 in trx_undo_page_get (space=0, zip_size=0, page_no=301, mtr=0x7ffeb59a7fe0) at /data/src/10.1/storage/innobase/include/trx0undo.ic:170
      #11 0x00007f241d49428b in trx_undo_mem_create_at_db_start (rseg=0x7f241f7b53f8, id=0, page_no=301, mtr=0x7ffeb59a7fe0) at /data/src/10.1/storage/innobase/trx/trx0undo.cc:1292
      #12 0x00007f241d494a25 in trx_undo_lists_init (rseg=0x7f241f7b53f8) at /data/src/10.1/storage/innobase/trx/trx0undo.cc:1424
      #13 0x00007f241d484219 in trx_rseg_mem_create (id=0, space=0, zip_size=0, page_no=6, ib_bh=0x7f241c40a400, mtr=0x7ffeb59a8630) at /data/src/10.1/storage/innobase/trx/trx0rseg.cc:209
      #14 0x00007f241d4844ec in trx_rseg_create_instance (sys_header=0x7f241ac18026 "", ib_bh=0x7f241c40a400, mtr=0x7ffeb59a8630) at /data/src/10.1/storage/innobase/trx/trx0rseg.cc:287
      #15 0x00007f241d48479f in trx_rseg_array_init (sys_header=0x7f241ac18026 "", ib_bh=0x7f241c40a400, mtr=0x7ffeb59a8630) at /data/src/10.1/storage/innobase/trx/trx0rseg.cc:358
      #16 0x00007f241d487483 in trx_sys_init_at_db_start () at /data/src/10.1/storage/innobase/trx/trx0sys.cc:647
      #17 0x00007f241d460467 in innobase_start_or_create_for_mysql () at /data/src/10.1/storage/innobase/srv/srv0start.cc:2498
      #18 0x00007f241d2f1ef3 in innobase_init (p=0x7f2423425470) at /data/src/10.1/storage/innobase/handler/ha_innodb.cc:3965
      #19 0x00007f2426a2d868 in ha_initialize_handlerton (plugin=0x7f241f7f4bf0) at /data/src/10.1/sql/handler.cc:513
      #20 0x00007f242680c733 in plugin_initialize (tmp_root=0x7ffeb59ac730, plugin=0x7f241f7f4bf0, argc=0x7f2427a834b0 <remaining_argc>, argv=0x7f24234700c0, options_only=false) at /data/src/10.1/sql/sql_plugin.cc:1408
      #21 0x00007f242680d2c6 in plugin_init (argc=0x7f2427a834b0 <remaining_argc>, argv=0x7f24234700c0, flags=2) at /data/src/10.1/sql/sql_plugin.cc:1679
      #22 0x00007f242672c2be in init_server_components () at /data/src/10.1/sql/mysqld.cc:5198
      #23 0x00007f242672d323 in mysqld_main (argc=149, argv=0x7f24234700c0) at /data/src/10.1/sql/mysqld.cc:5787
      #24 0x00007f2426722a20 in main (argc=25, argv=0x7ffeb59ad478) at /data/src/10.1/sql/main.cc:25


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