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Duplicate rows are returned in streaming ResultSet.




      We are using AWS Aurora Mysql as out database and mariadb-java-client (version: 2.4.4). When we stream the ResultSet from database then some times size of the ResultSet increases continuously and it is more then the provided FetchSize parameter. And duplicate rows are retrieved from the database.

      • This issue occurs randomly some times only not always.
      • Query does not produce any data which can contain duplicate rows
      • When exactly same query is run directly on the database (via some database workbench) there are no duplicate rows.
      • According to documentation resultSet id fully fetched when some other query is executed on the same connection but this is not happening in our case. Even if this is happening the remaining data should be fetched as per documentation so there should be no duplicates. Can you please help check this if there is some bug or some other reason which could cause this kind of issue. From our side we have investigated our code base quite thoroughly and did find any bug, due to company policy I can not share code base but feel free to ask any questions if you need.




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