#!/bin/bash -ue # Copyright (C) 2013 Percona Inc # # This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify # it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by # the Free Software Foundation; version 2 of the License. # # This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, # but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of # MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the # GNU General Public License for more details. # # You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License # along with this program; see the file COPYING. If not, write to the # Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston # MA 02110-1301 USA. # Documentation: http://www.percona.com/doc/percona-xtradb-cluster/manual/xtrabackup_sst.html # Make sure to read that before proceeding! . $(dirname $0)/wsrep_sst_common ealgo="" ekey="" ekeyfile="" encrypt=0 nproc=1 ecode=0 ssyslog="" ssystag="" XTRABACKUP_PID="" SST_PORT="" REMOTEIP="" REMOTEHOST="" tcert="" tpem="" tkey="" sockopt="" progress="" ttime=0 totime=0 lsn="" ecmd="" rlimit="" # Initially stagemsg="${WSREP_SST_OPT_ROLE}" cpat="" speciald=1 ib_home_dir="" ib_log_dir="" ib_undo_dir="" sfmt="tar" strmcmd="" tfmt="" tcmd="" rebuild=0 rebuildcmd="" payload=0 pvformat="-F '%N => Rate:%r Avg:%a Elapsed:%t %e Bytes: %b %p' " pvopts="-f -i 10 -N $WSREP_SST_OPT_ROLE " STATDIR="" uextra=0 disver="" tmpopts="" itmpdir="" xtmpdir="" scomp="" sdecomp="" # Required for backup locks # For backup locks it is 1 sent by joiner # 5.6.21 PXC and later can't donate to an older joiner sst_ver=1 if which pv &>/dev/null && pv --help | grep -q FORMAT;then pvopts+=$pvformat fi pcmd="pv $pvopts" declare -a RC INNOBACKUPEX_BIN=innobackupex DATA="${WSREP_SST_OPT_DATA}" INFO_FILE="xtrabackup_galera_info" IST_FILE="xtrabackup_ist" MAGIC_FILE="${DATA}/${INFO_FILE}" # Setting the path for ss and ip export PATH="/usr/sbin:/sbin:$PATH" timeit(){ local stage=$1 shift local cmd="$@" local x1 x2 took extcode if [[ $ttime -eq 1 ]];then x1=$(date +%s) wsrep_log_info "Evaluating $cmd" eval "$cmd" extcode=$? x2=$(date +%s) took=$(( x2-x1 )) wsrep_log_info "NOTE: $stage took $took seconds" totime=$(( totime+took )) else wsrep_log_info "Evaluating $cmd" eval "$cmd" extcode=$? fi return $extcode } get_keys() { # $encrypt -eq 1 is for internal purposes only if [[ $encrypt -ge 2 || $encrypt -eq -1 ]];then return fi if [[ $encrypt -eq 0 ]];then if $MY_PRINT_DEFAULTS xtrabackup | grep -q encrypt;then wsrep_log_error "Unexpected option combination. SST may fail. Refer to http://www.percona.com/doc/percona-xtradb-cluster/manual/xtrabackup_sst.html " fi return fi if [[ $sfmt == 'tar' ]];then wsrep_log_info "NOTE: Xtrabackup-based encryption - encrypt=1 - cannot be enabled with tar format" encrypt=-1 return fi wsrep_log_info "Xtrabackup based encryption enabled in my.cnf - Supported only from Xtrabackup 2.1.4" if [[ -z $ealgo ]];then wsrep_log_error "FATAL: Encryption algorithm empty from my.cnf, bailing out" exit 3 fi if [[ -z $ekey && ! -r $ekeyfile ]];then wsrep_log_error "FATAL: Either key or keyfile must be readable" exit 3 fi if [[ -z $ekey ]];then ecmd="xbcrypt --encrypt-algo=$ealgo --encrypt-key-file=$ekeyfile" else ecmd="xbcrypt --encrypt-algo=$ealgo --encrypt-key=$ekey" fi if [[ "$WSREP_SST_OPT_ROLE" == "joiner" ]];then ecmd+=" -d" fi stagemsg+="-XB-Encrypted" } get_transfer() { if [[ -z $SST_PORT ]];then TSST_PORT=4444 else TSST_PORT=$SST_PORT fi if [[ $tfmt == 'nc' ]];then if [[ ! -x `which nc` ]];then wsrep_log_error "nc(netcat) not found in path: $PATH" exit 2 fi wsrep_log_info "Using netcat as streamer" if [[ "$WSREP_SST_OPT_ROLE" == "joiner" ]];then if nc -h 2>&1 | grep -q ncat;then tcmd="nc -l ${TSST_PORT}" else tcmd="nc -dl ${TSST_PORT}" fi else tcmd="nc ${REMOTEIP} ${TSST_PORT}" fi else tfmt='socat' wsrep_log_info "Using socat as streamer" if [[ ! -x `which socat` ]];then wsrep_log_error "socat not found in path: $PATH" exit 2 fi if [[ $encrypt -eq 2 || $encrypt -eq 3 ]] && ! socat -V | grep -q "WITH_OPENSSL 1";then wsrep_log_error "Encryption requested, but socat is not OpenSSL enabled (encrypt=$encrypt)" exit 2 fi if [[ $encrypt -eq 2 ]];then wsrep_log_info "Using openssl based encryption with socat: with crt and pem" if [[ -z $tpem || -z $tcert ]];then wsrep_log_error "Both PEM and CRT files required" exit 22 fi stagemsg+="-OpenSSL-Encrypted-2" if [[ "$WSREP_SST_OPT_ROLE" == "joiner" ]];then wsrep_log_info "Decrypting with cert=${tpem}, cafile=${tcert}" tcmd="socat -u openssl-listen:${TSST_PORT},reuseaddr,cert=${tpem},cafile=${tcert}${sockopt} stdio" else wsrep_log_info "Encrypting with cert=${tpem}, cafile=${tcert}" tcmd="socat -u stdio openssl-connect:${REMOTEHOST}:${TSST_PORT},cert=${tpem},cafile=${tcert}${sockopt}" fi elif [[ $encrypt -eq 3 ]];then wsrep_log_info "Using openssl based encryption with socat: with key and crt" if [[ -z $tpem || -z $tkey ]];then wsrep_log_error "Both certificate and key files required" exit 22 fi stagemsg+="-OpenSSL-Encrypted-3" if [[ "$WSREP_SST_OPT_ROLE" == "joiner" ]];then if [[ -z $tcert ]];then wsrep_log_info "Decrypting with cert=${tpem}, key=${tkey}, verify=0" tcmd="socat -u openssl-listen:${TSST_PORT},reuseaddr,cert=${tpem},key=${tkey},verify=0${sockopt} stdio" else wsrep_log_info "Decrypting with cert=${tpem}, key=${tkey}, cafile=${tcert}" tcmd="socat -u openssl-listen:${TSST_PORT},reuseaddr,cert=${tpem},key=${tkey},cafile=${tcert}${sockopt} stdio" fi else if [[ -z $tcert ]];then wsrep_log_info "Encrypting with cert=${tpem}, key=${tkey}, verify=0" tcmd="socat -u stdio openssl-connect:${REMOTEIP}:${TSST_PORT},cert=${tpem},key=${tkey},verify=0${sockopt}" else wsrep_log_info "Encrypting with cert=${tpem}, key=${tkey}, cafile=${tcert}" tcmd="socat -u stdio openssl-connect:${REMOTEHOST}:${TSST_PORT},cert=${tpem},key=${tkey},cafile=${tcert}${sockopt}" fi fi else if [[ "$WSREP_SST_OPT_ROLE" == "joiner" ]];then tcmd="socat -u TCP-LISTEN:${TSST_PORT},reuseaddr${sockopt} stdio" else tcmd="socat -u stdio TCP:${REMOTEIP}:${TSST_PORT}${sockopt}" fi fi fi } parse_cnf() { local group=$1 local var=$2 # print the default settings for given group using my_print_default. # normalize the variable names specified in cnf file (user can use _ or - for example log-bin or log_bin) # then grep for needed variable # finally get the variable value (if variables has been specified multiple time use the last value only) reval=$($MY_PRINT_DEFAULTS $group | awk -F= '{if ($1 ~ /_/) { gsub(/_/,"-",$1); print $1"="$2 } else { print $0 }}' | grep -- "--$var=" | cut -d= -f2- | tail -1) if [[ -z $reval ]];then [[ -n $3 ]] && reval=$3 fi echo $reval } get_footprint() { pushd $WSREP_SST_OPT_DATA 1>/dev/null payload=$(find . -regex '.*\.ibd$\|.*\.MYI$\|.*\.MYD$\|.*ibdata1$' -type f -print0 | du --files0-from=- --block-size=1 -c | awk 'END { print $1 }') if $MY_PRINT_DEFAULTS xtrabackup | grep -q -- "--compress";then # QuickLZ has around 50% compression ratio # When compression/compaction used, the progress is only an approximate. payload=$(( payload*1/2 )) fi popd 1>/dev/null pcmd+=" -s $payload" adjust_progress } adjust_progress() { if [[ ! -x `which pv` ]];then wsrep_log_error "pv not found in path: $PATH" wsrep_log_error "Disabling all progress/rate-limiting" pcmd="" rlimit="" progress="" return fi if [[ -n $progress && $progress != '1' ]];then if [[ -e $progress ]];then pcmd+=" 2>>$progress" else pcmd+=" 2>$progress" fi elif [[ -z $progress && -n $rlimit ]];then # When rlimit is non-zero pcmd="pv -q" fi if [[ -n $rlimit && "$WSREP_SST_OPT_ROLE" == "donor" ]];then wsrep_log_info "Rate-limiting SST to $rlimit" pcmd+=" -L \$rlimit" fi } read_cnf() { sfmt=$(parse_cnf sst streamfmt "xbstream") tfmt=$(parse_cnf sst transferfmt "socat") tcert=$(parse_cnf sst tca "") tpem=$(parse_cnf sst tcert "") tkey=$(parse_cnf sst tkey "") encrypt=$(parse_cnf sst encrypt 0) sockopt=$(parse_cnf sst sockopt "") progress=$(parse_cnf sst progress "") rebuild=$(parse_cnf sst rebuild 0) ttime=$(parse_cnf sst time 0) cpat=$(parse_cnf sst cpat '.*galera\.cache$\|.*sst_in_progress$\|.*\.sst$\|.*gvwstate\.dat$\|.*grastate\.dat$\|.*\.err$\|.*\.log$\|.*RPM_UPGRADE_MARKER$\|.*RPM_UPGRADE_HISTORY$') ealgo=$(parse_cnf xtrabackup encrypt "") ekey=$(parse_cnf xtrabackup encrypt-key "") ekeyfile=$(parse_cnf xtrabackup encrypt-key-file "") scomp=$(parse_cnf sst compressor "") sdecomp=$(parse_cnf sst decompressor "") # Refer to http://www.percona.com/doc/percona-xtradb-cluster/manual/xtrabackup_sst.html if [[ -z $ealgo ]];then ealgo=$(parse_cnf sst encrypt-algo "") ekey=$(parse_cnf sst encrypt-key "") ekeyfile=$(parse_cnf sst encrypt-key-file "") fi rlimit=$(parse_cnf sst rlimit "") uextra=$(parse_cnf sst use-extra 0) speciald=$(parse_cnf sst sst-special-dirs 1) iopts=$(parse_cnf sst inno-backup-opts "") iapts=$(parse_cnf sst inno-apply-opts "") impts=$(parse_cnf sst inno-move-opts "") stimeout=$(parse_cnf sst sst-initial-timeout 100) ssyslog=$(parse_cnf sst sst-syslog 0) ssystag=$(parse_cnf mysqld_safe syslog-tag "${SST_SYSLOG_TAG:-}") ssystag+="-" if [[ $speciald -eq 0 ]];then wsrep_log_error "sst-special-dirs equal to 0 is not supported, falling back to 1" speciald=1 fi if [[ $ssyslog -ne -1 ]];then if $MY_PRINT_DEFAULTS mysqld_safe | tr '_' '-' | grep -q -- "--syslog";then ssyslog=1 fi fi } get_stream() { if [[ $sfmt == 'xbstream' ]];then wsrep_log_info "Streaming with xbstream" if [[ "$WSREP_SST_OPT_ROLE" == "joiner" ]];then strmcmd="xbstream -x" else strmcmd="xbstream -c \${INFO_FILE}" fi else sfmt="tar" wsrep_log_info "Streaming with tar" if [[ "$WSREP_SST_OPT_ROLE" == "joiner" ]];then strmcmd="tar xfi - " else strmcmd="tar cf - \${INFO_FILE} " fi fi } get_proc() { set +e nproc=$(grep -c processor /proc/cpuinfo) [[ -z $nproc || $nproc -eq 0 ]] && nproc=1 set -e } sig_joiner_cleanup() { wsrep_log_error "Removing $MAGIC_FILE file due to signal" rm -f "$MAGIC_FILE" } cleanup_joiner() { # Since this is invoked just after exit NNN local estatus=$? if [[ $estatus -ne 0 ]];then wsrep_log_error "Cleanup after exit with status:$estatus" elif [ "${WSREP_SST_OPT_ROLE}" = "joiner" ];then wsrep_log_info "Removing the sst_in_progress file" wsrep_cleanup_progress_file fi if [[ -n $progress && -p $progress ]];then wsrep_log_info "Cleaning up fifo file $progress" rm $progress fi if [[ -n ${STATDIR:-} ]];then [[ -d $STATDIR ]] && rm -rf $STATDIR fi # Final cleanup pgid=$(ps -o pgid= $$ | grep -o '[0-9]*') # This means no setsid done in mysqld. # We don't want to kill mysqld here otherwise. if [[ $$ -eq $pgid ]];then # This means a signal was delivered to the process. # So, more cleanup. if [[ $estatus -ge 128 ]];then kill -KILL -$$ || true fi fi exit $estatus } check_pid() { local pid_file="$1" [ -r "$pid_file" ] && ps -p $(cat "$pid_file") >/dev/null 2>&1 } cleanup_donor() { # Since this is invoked just after exit NNN local estatus=$? if [[ $estatus -ne 0 ]];then wsrep_log_error "Cleanup after exit with status:$estatus" fi if [[ -n ${XTRABACKUP_PID:-} ]];then if check_pid $XTRABACKUP_PID then wsrep_log_error "xtrabackup process is still running. Killing... " kill_xtrabackup fi fi rm -f ${DATA}/${IST_FILE} || true if [[ -n $progress && -p $progress ]];then wsrep_log_info "Cleaning up fifo file $progress" rm -f $progress || true fi wsrep_log_info "Cleaning up temporary directories" if [[ -n $xtmpdir ]];then [[ -d $xtmpdir ]] && rm -rf $xtmpdir || true fi if [[ -n $itmpdir ]];then [[ -d $itmpdir ]] && rm -rf $itmpdir || true fi # Final cleanup pgid=$(ps -o pgid= $$ | grep -o '[0-9]*') # This means no setsid done in mysqld. # We don't want to kill mysqld here otherwise. if [[ $$ -eq $pgid ]];then # This means a signal was delivered to the process. # So, more cleanup. if [[ $estatus -ge 128 ]];then kill -KILL -$$ || true fi fi exit $estatus } kill_xtrabackup() { local PID=$(cat $XTRABACKUP_PID) [ -n "$PID" -a "0" != "$PID" ] && kill $PID && (kill $PID && kill -9 $PID) || : wsrep_log_info "Removing xtrabackup pid file $XTRABACKUP_PID" rm -f "$XTRABACKUP_PID" || true } setup_ports() { if [[ "$WSREP_SST_OPT_ROLE" == "donor" ]];then SST_PORT=$(echo $WSREP_SST_OPT_ADDR | awk -F '[:/]' '{ print $2 }') REMOTEIP=$(echo $WSREP_SST_OPT_ADDR | awk -F ':' '{ print $1 }') REMOTEHOST=$(getent hosts $REMOTEIP | awk '{ print $2 }') if [[ -z $REMOTEHOST ]];then REMOTEHOST=$REMOTEIP fi lsn=$(echo $WSREP_SST_OPT_ADDR | awk -F '[:/]' '{ print $4 }') sst_ver=$(echo $WSREP_SST_OPT_ADDR | awk -F '[:/]' '{ print $5 }') else SST_PORT=$(echo ${WSREP_SST_OPT_ADDR} | awk -F ':' '{ print $2 }') fi } # waits ~10 seconds for nc to open the port and then reports ready # (regardless of timeout) wait_for_listen() { local PORT=$1 local ADDR=$2 local MODULE=$3 for i in {1..50} do ss -p state listening "( sport = :$PORT )" | grep -qE 'socat|nc' && break sleep 0.2 done echo "ready ${ADDR}/${MODULE}//$sst_ver" } check_extra() { local use_socket=1 if [[ $uextra -eq 1 ]];then if $MY_PRINT_DEFAULTS --mysqld | tr '_' '-' | grep -- "--thread-handling=" | grep -q 'pool-of-threads';then local eport=$($MY_PRINT_DEFAULTS --mysqld | tr '_' '-' | grep -- "--extra-port=" | cut -d= -f2) if [[ -n $eport ]];then # Xtrabackup works only locally. # Hence, setting host to unconditionally. wsrep_log_info "SST through extra_port $eport" INNOEXTRA+=" --host= --port=$eport " use_socket=0 else wsrep_log_error "Extra port $eport null, failing" exit 1 fi else wsrep_log_info "Thread pool not set, ignore the option use_extra" fi fi if [[ $use_socket -eq 1 ]] && [[ -n "${WSREP_SST_OPT_SOCKET}" ]];then INNOEXTRA+=" --socket=${WSREP_SST_OPT_SOCKET}" fi } recv_joiner() { local dir=$1 local msg=$2 local tmt=$3 local checkf=$4 local ltcmd if [[ ! -d ${dir} ]];then # This indicates that IST is in progress return fi pushd ${dir} 1>/dev/null set +e if [[ $tmt -gt 0 && -x `which timeout` ]];then if timeout --help | grep -q -- '-k';then ltcmd="timeout -k $(( tmt+10 )) $tmt $tcmd" else ltcmd="timeout -s9 $tmt $tcmd" fi timeit "$msg" "$ltcmd | $strmcmd; RC=( "\${PIPESTATUS[@]}" )" else timeit "$msg" "$tcmd | $strmcmd; RC=( "\${PIPESTATUS[@]}" )" fi set -e popd 1>/dev/null if [[ ${RC[0]} -eq 124 ]];then wsrep_log_error "Possible timeout in receving first data from donor in gtid stage" exit 32 fi for ecode in "${RC[@]}";do if [[ $ecode -ne 0 ]];then wsrep_log_error "Error while getting data from donor node: " \ "exit codes: ${RC[@]}" exit 32 fi done if [[ $checkf -eq 1 && ! -r "${MAGIC_FILE}" ]];then # this message should cause joiner to abort wsrep_log_error "xtrabackup process ended without creating '${MAGIC_FILE}'" wsrep_log_info "Contents of datadir" wsrep_log_info "$(ls -l ${dir}/*)" exit 32 fi } send_donor() { local dir=$1 local msg=$2 pushd ${dir} 1>/dev/null set +e timeit "$msg" "$strmcmd | $tcmd; RC=( "\${PIPESTATUS[@]}" )" set -e popd 1>/dev/null for ecode in "${RC[@]}";do if [[ $ecode -ne 0 ]];then wsrep_log_error "Error while getting data from donor node: " \ "exit codes: ${RC[@]}" exit 32 fi done } if [[ ! -x `which $INNOBACKUPEX_BIN` ]];then wsrep_log_error "innobackupex not in path: $PATH" exit 2 fi rm -f "${MAGIC_FILE}" if [[ ! ${WSREP_SST_OPT_ROLE} == 'joiner' && ! ${WSREP_SST_OPT_ROLE} == 'donor' ]];then wsrep_log_error "Invalid role ${WSREP_SST_OPT_ROLE}" exit 22 fi read_cnf setup_ports if ${INNOBACKUPEX_BIN} /tmp --help 2>/dev/null | grep -q -- '--version-check'; then disver="--no-version-check" fi if [[ ${FORCE_FTWRL:-0} -eq 1 ]];then wsrep_log_info "Forcing FTWRL due to environment variable FORCE_FTWRL equal to $FORCE_FTWRL" iopts+=" --no-backup-locks " fi INNOEXTRA="" if [[ $ssyslog -eq 1 ]];then if [[ ! -x `which logger` ]];then wsrep_log_error "logger not in path: $PATH. Ignoring" else wsrep_log_info "Logging all stderr of SST/Innobackupex to syslog" exec 2> >(logger -p daemon.err -t ${ssystag}wsrep-sst-$WSREP_SST_OPT_ROLE) wsrep_log_error() { logger -p daemon.err -t ${ssystag}wsrep-sst-$WSREP_SST_OPT_ROLE "$@" } wsrep_log_info() { logger -p daemon.info -t ${ssystag}wsrep-sst-$WSREP_SST_OPT_ROLE "$@" } INNOAPPLY="${INNOBACKUPEX_BIN} $disver $iapts --apply-log \$rebuildcmd \${DATA} 2>&1 | logger -p daemon.err -t ${ssystag}innobackupex-apply " INNOMOVE="${INNOBACKUPEX_BIN} ${WSREP_SST_OPT_CONF} $disver $impts --move-back --force-non-empty-directories \${DATA} 2>&1 | logger -p daemon.err -t ${ssystag}innobackupex-move " INNOBACKUP="${INNOBACKUPEX_BIN} ${WSREP_SST_OPT_CONF} $disver $iopts \$tmpopts \$INNOEXTRA --galera-info --stream=\$sfmt \$itmpdir 2> >(logger -p daemon.err -t ${ssystag}innobackupex-backup)" fi else INNOAPPLY="${INNOBACKUPEX_BIN} $disver $iapts --apply-log \$rebuildcmd \${DATA} &>\${DATA}/innobackup.prepare.log" INNOMOVE="${INNOBACKUPEX_BIN} ${WSREP_SST_OPT_CONF} $disver $impts --move-back --force-non-empty-directories \${DATA} &>\${DATA}/innobackup.move.log" INNOBACKUP="${INNOBACKUPEX_BIN} ${WSREP_SST_OPT_CONF} $disver $iopts \$tmpopts \$INNOEXTRA --galera-info --stream=\$sfmt \$itmpdir 2>\${DATA}/innobackup.backup.log" fi get_stream get_transfer if [ "$WSREP_SST_OPT_ROLE" = "donor" ] then trap cleanup_donor EXIT if [ $WSREP_SST_OPT_BYPASS -eq 0 ] then usrst=0 if [[ -z $sst_ver ]];then wsrep_log_error "Upgrade joiner to 5.6.21 or higher for backup locks support" wsrep_log_error "The joiner is not supported for this version of donor" exit 93 fi if [[ -z $(parse_cnf mysqld tmpdir "") && -z $(parse_cnf xtrabackup tmpdir "") ]];then xtmpdir=$(mktemp -d) tmpopts=" --tmpdir=$xtmpdir " wsrep_log_info "Using $xtmpdir as xtrabackup temporary directory" fi itmpdir=$(mktemp -d) wsrep_log_info "Using $itmpdir as innobackupex temporary directory" if [[ -n "${WSREP_SST_OPT_USER:-}" && "$WSREP_SST_OPT_USER" != "(null)" ]]; then INNOEXTRA+=" --user=$WSREP_SST_OPT_USER" usrst=1 fi if [ -n "${WSREP_SST_OPT_PSWD:-}" ]; then INNOEXTRA+=" --password=$WSREP_SST_OPT_PSWD" elif [[ $usrst -eq 1 ]];then # Empty password, used for testing, debugging etc. INNOEXTRA+=" --password=" fi get_keys if [[ $encrypt -eq 1 ]];then if [[ -n $ekey ]];then INNOEXTRA+=" --encrypt=$ealgo --encrypt-key=$ekey " else INNOEXTRA+=" --encrypt=$ealgo --encrypt-key-file=$ekeyfile " fi fi check_extra wsrep_log_info "Streaming GTID file before SST" # Store donor's wsrep GTID (state ID) and wsrep_gtid_domain_id # (separated by a space). echo "${WSREP_SST_OPT_GTID} ${WSREP_SST_OPT_GTID_DOMAIN_ID}" > "${MAGIC_FILE}" ttcmd="$tcmd" if [[ $encrypt -eq 1 ]];then if [[ -n $scomp ]];then tcmd=" $ecmd | $scomp | $tcmd " else tcmd=" $ecmd | $tcmd " fi elif [[ -n $scomp ]];then tcmd=" $scomp | $tcmd " fi send_donor $DATA "${stagemsg}-gtid" tcmd="$ttcmd" if [[ -n $progress ]];then get_footprint tcmd="$pcmd | $tcmd" elif [[ -n $rlimit ]];then adjust_progress tcmd="$pcmd | $tcmd" fi wsrep_log_info "Sleeping before data transfer for SST" sleep 10 wsrep_log_info "Streaming the backup to joiner at ${REMOTEIP} ${SST_PORT:-4444}" if [[ -n $scomp ]];then tcmd="$scomp | $tcmd" fi set +e timeit "${stagemsg}-SST" "$INNOBACKUP | $tcmd; RC=( "\${PIPESTATUS[@]}" )" set -e if [ ${RC[0]} -ne 0 ]; then wsrep_log_error "${INNOBACKUPEX_BIN} finished with error: ${RC[0]}. " \ "Check ${DATA}/innobackup.backup.log" exit 22 elif [[ ${RC[$(( ${#RC[@]}-1 ))]} -eq 1 ]];then wsrep_log_error "$tcmd finished with error: ${RC[1]}" exit 22 fi # innobackupex implicitly writes PID to fixed location in $xtmpdir XTRABACKUP_PID="$xtmpdir/xtrabackup_pid" else # BYPASS FOR IST wsrep_log_info "Bypassing the SST for IST" echo "continue" # now server can resume updating data # Store donor's wsrep GTID (state ID) and wsrep_gtid_domain_id # (separated by a space). echo "${WSREP_SST_OPT_GTID} ${WSREP_SST_OPT_GTID_DOMAIN_ID}" > "${MAGIC_FILE}" echo "1" > "${DATA}/${IST_FILE}" get_keys if [[ $encrypt -eq 1 ]];then if [[ -n $scomp ]];then tcmd=" $ecmd | $scomp | $tcmd " else tcmd=" $ecmd | $tcmd " fi elif [[ -n $scomp ]];then tcmd=" $scomp | $tcmd " fi strmcmd+=" \${IST_FILE}" send_donor $DATA "${stagemsg}-IST" fi echo "done ${WSREP_SST_OPT_GTID}" wsrep_log_info "Total time on donor: $totime seconds" elif [ "${WSREP_SST_OPT_ROLE}" = "joiner" ] then [[ -e $SST_PROGRESS_FILE ]] && wsrep_log_info "Stale sst_in_progress file: $SST_PROGRESS_FILE" [[ -n $SST_PROGRESS_FILE ]] && touch $SST_PROGRESS_FILE ib_home_dir=$(parse_cnf mysqld innodb-data-home-dir "") ib_log_dir=$(parse_cnf mysqld innodb-log-group-home-dir "") ib_undo_dir=$(parse_cnf mysqld innodb-undo-directory "") stagemsg="Joiner-Recv" sencrypted=1 nthreads=1 MODULE="xtrabackup_sst" rm -f "${DATA}/${IST_FILE}" # May need xtrabackup_checkpoints later on rm -f ${DATA}/xtrabackup_binary ${DATA}/xtrabackup_galera_info ${DATA}/xtrabackup_logfile ADDR=${WSREP_SST_OPT_ADDR} if [ -z "${SST_PORT}" ] then SST_PORT=4444 ADDR="$(echo ${WSREP_SST_OPT_ADDR} | awk -F ':' '{ print $1 }'):${SST_PORT}" fi wait_for_listen ${SST_PORT} ${ADDR} ${MODULE} & trap sig_joiner_cleanup HUP PIPE INT TERM trap cleanup_joiner EXIT if [[ -n $progress ]];then adjust_progress tcmd+=" | $pcmd" fi get_keys if [[ $encrypt -eq 1 && $sencrypted -eq 1 ]];then if [[ -n $sdecomp ]];then strmcmd=" $sdecomp | $ecmd | $strmcmd" else strmcmd=" $ecmd | $strmcmd" fi elif [[ -n $sdecomp ]];then strmcmd=" $sdecomp | $strmcmd" fi STATDIR=$(mktemp -d) MAGIC_FILE="${STATDIR}/${INFO_FILE}" recv_joiner $STATDIR "${stagemsg}-gtid" $stimeout 1 if ! ps -p ${WSREP_SST_OPT_PARENT} &>/dev/null then wsrep_log_error "Parent mysqld process (PID:${WSREP_SST_OPT_PARENT}) terminated unexpectedly." exit 32 fi if [ ! -r "${STATDIR}/${IST_FILE}" ] then if [[ -d ${DATA}/.sst ]];then wsrep_log_info "WARNING: Stale temporary SST directory: ${DATA}/.sst from previous state transfer. Removing" rm -rf ${DATA}/.sst fi mkdir -p ${DATA}/.sst (recv_joiner $DATA/.sst "${stagemsg}-SST" 0 0) & jpid=$! wsrep_log_info "Proceeding with SST" wsrep_log_info "Cleaning the existing datadir and innodb-data/log directories" find $ib_home_dir $ib_log_dir $ib_undo_dir $DATA -mindepth 1 -regex $cpat -prune -o -exec rm -rfv {} 1>&2 \+ tempdir=$(parse_cnf mysqld log-bin "") if [[ -n ${tempdir:-} ]];then binlog_dir=$(dirname $tempdir) binlog_file=$(basename $tempdir) if [[ -n ${binlog_dir:-} && $binlog_dir != '.' && $binlog_dir != $DATA ]];then pattern="$binlog_dir/$binlog_file\.[0-9]+$" wsrep_log_info "Cleaning the binlog directory $binlog_dir as well" find $binlog_dir -maxdepth 1 -type f -regex $pattern -exec rm -fv {} 1>&2 \+ || true rm $binlog_dir/*.index || true fi fi TDATA=${DATA} DATA="${DATA}/.sst" MAGIC_FILE="${DATA}/${INFO_FILE}" wsrep_log_info "Waiting for SST streaming to complete!" wait $jpid get_proc if [[ ! -s ${DATA}/xtrabackup_checkpoints ]];then wsrep_log_error "xtrabackup_checkpoints missing, failed innobackupex/SST on donor" exit 2 fi # Rebuild indexes for compact backups if grep -q 'compact = 1' ${DATA}/xtrabackup_checkpoints;then wsrep_log_info "Index compaction detected" rebuild=1 fi if [[ $rebuild -eq 1 ]];then nthreads=$(parse_cnf xtrabackup rebuild-threads $nproc) wsrep_log_info "Rebuilding during prepare with $nthreads threads" rebuildcmd="--rebuild-indexes --rebuild-threads=$nthreads" fi if test -n "$(find ${DATA} -maxdepth 1 -type f -name '*.qp' -print -quit)";then wsrep_log_info "Compressed qpress files found" if [[ ! -x `which qpress` ]];then wsrep_log_error "qpress not found in path: $PATH" exit 22 fi if [[ -n $progress ]] && pv --help | grep -q 'line-mode';then count=$(find ${DATA} -type f -name '*.qp' | wc -l) count=$(( count*2 )) if pv --help | grep -q FORMAT;then pvopts="-f -s $count -l -N Decompression -F '%N => Rate:%r Elapsed:%t %e Progress: [%b/$count]'" else pvopts="-f -s $count -l -N Decompression" fi pcmd="pv $pvopts" adjust_progress dcmd="$pcmd | xargs -n 2 qpress -T${nproc}d" else dcmd="xargs -n 2 qpress -T${nproc}d" fi # Decompress the qpress files wsrep_log_info "Decompression with $nproc threads" timeit "Joiner-Decompression" "find ${DATA} -type f -name '*.qp' -printf '%p\n%h\n' | $dcmd" extcode=$? if [[ $extcode -eq 0 ]];then wsrep_log_info "Removing qpress files after decompression" find ${DATA} -type f -name '*.qp' -delete if [[ $? -ne 0 ]];then wsrep_log_error "Something went wrong with deletion of qpress files. Investigate" fi else wsrep_log_error "Decompression failed. Exit code: $extcode" exit 22 fi fi if [[ ! -z $WSREP_SST_OPT_BINLOG ]];then BINLOG_DIRNAME=$(dirname $WSREP_SST_OPT_BINLOG) BINLOG_FILENAME=$(basename $WSREP_SST_OPT_BINLOG) # To avoid comparing data directory and BINLOG_DIRNAME mv $DATA/${BINLOG_FILENAME}.* $BINLOG_DIRNAME/ 2>/dev/null || true pushd $BINLOG_DIRNAME &>/dev/null for bfiles in $(ls -1 ${BINLOG_FILENAME}.[0-9]*);do echo ${BINLOG_DIRNAME}/${bfiles} >> ${BINLOG_FILENAME}.index done popd &> /dev/null fi wsrep_log_info "Preparing the backup at ${DATA}" timeit "Xtrabackup prepare stage" "$INNOAPPLY" if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then wsrep_log_error "${INNOBACKUPEX_BIN} apply finished with errors. Check ${DATA}/innobackup.prepare.log" exit 22 fi MAGIC_FILE="${TDATA}/${INFO_FILE}" set +e rm $TDATA/innobackup.prepare.log $TDATA/innobackup.move.log set -e wsrep_log_info "Moving the backup to ${TDATA}" timeit "Xtrabackup move stage" "$INNOMOVE" if [[ $? -eq 0 ]];then wsrep_log_info "Move successful, removing ${DATA}" rm -rf $DATA DATA=${TDATA} else wsrep_log_error "Move failed, keeping ${DATA} for further diagnosis" wsrep_log_error "Check ${DATA}/innobackup.move.log for details" exit 22 fi else wsrep_log_info "${IST_FILE} received from donor: Running IST" fi if [[ ! -r ${MAGIC_FILE} ]];then wsrep_log_error "SST magic file ${MAGIC_FILE} not found/readable" exit 2 fi wsrep_log_info "Galera co-ords from recovery: $(cat ${MAGIC_FILE})" cat "${MAGIC_FILE}" # Output : UUID:seqno wsrep_gtid_domain_id wsrep_log_info "Total time on joiner: $totime seconds" fi exit 0