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Deadlock between freeing and allocating undo pages



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    • 10.6
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      The work done in MDEV-24142 and MDEV-24167 seems to have revealed a pre-existing deadlock condition in the InnoDB undo log code.

      I observed a hang where a DML statement was waiting for a U-lock (before MDEV-24142 it was called SX-lock) on a newly allocated undo log page, while holding the allocation bitmap page U-lock. At the same time, the undo page latch was held by another thread that was freeing undo log pages:

      10.6 43d3dad11468bf45d2098ebca70002c49104f298

      #8  0x000055b32ae2734d in buf_page_get_low (page_id={m_id = 0}, zip_size=<optimized out>, rw_latch=<optimized out>, guess=<optimized out>, mode=10, mtr=<optimized out>, err=<optimized out>, 
          allow_ibuf_merge=<optimized out>) at /mariadb/10.6/storage/innobase/buf/buf0buf.cc:3280
      #9  0x000055b32ae7132c in xdes_get_descriptor (space=space@entry=0x55b32cf53c28, offset=offset@entry=397, xdes=xdes@entry=0x7f0984ff8008, mtr=mtr@entry=0x7f0984ff8790)
          at /mariadb/10.6/storage/innobase/include/buf0types.h:127
      #10 0x000055b32ae73d27 in fseg_free_step (header=0x7f09fb34803c "", mtr=mtr@entry=0x7f0984ff8790) at /mariadb/10.6/storage/innobase/fsp/fsp0fsp.cc:2665
      #11 0x000055b32add9370 in trx_purge_free_segment (hdr_addr=<optimized out>, hdr_addr=<optimized out>, rseg=0x55b32cf8b8c8) at /mariadb/10.6/storage/innobase/trx/trx0purge.cc:412
      #12 trx_purge_truncate_rseg_history (limit=<optimized out>, rseg=
            @0x55b32cf8b8c8: {id = 47, mutex = {m_impl = {m_lock_word = {<std::__atomic_base<unsigned int>> = {_M_i = 1}, <No data fields>}, m_event = 0x55b32cf8b9c8, m_policy = {m_filename = 0x55b32b146990 "/mariadb/10.6/storage/innobase/trx/trx0rseg.cc", m_line = 403, m_count = {m_spins = 0, m_waits = 0, m_calls = 0, m_enabled = false}, m_id = LATCH_ID_REDO_RSEG}}, m_ptr = 0x7f0a05ae7d40}, space = 0x55b32cf53c28, page_no = 219, curr_size = 2, undo_list = {count = 0, start = 0x0, end = 0x0, node = &trx_undo_t::undo_list}, undo_cached = {count = 0, start = 0x0, end = 0x0, node = &trx_undo_t::undo_list}, old_insert_list = {count = 0, start = 0x0, end = 0x0, node = &trx_undo_t::undo_list}, last_page_no = 4294967295, last_offset = 12164, last_commit = 89679, needs_purge = true, trx_ref_count = 0, skip_allocation = false})
          at /mariadb/10.6/storage/innobase/trx/trx0purge.cc:495
      #13 trx_purge_truncate_history () at /mariadb/10.6/storage/innobase/trx/trx0purge.cc:572

      I reliably but nondeterministically repeated this for a few tests of a --big-test run. On one occasion, the following tests hung:

      CURRENT_TEST: versioning.auto_increment
      CURRENT_TEST: innodb.innodb-alter-table
      CURRENT_TEST: gcol.innodb_virtual_basic
      CURRENT_TEST: innodb_gis.kill_server
      CURRENT_TEST: stress.ddl_innodb

      After I applied the following patch, no tests would hang, except one:

      diff --git a/storage/innobase/include/trx0sys.h b/storage/innobase/include/trx0sys.h
      index ef23f620c49..014d6816d2f 100644
      --- a/storage/innobase/include/trx0sys.h
      +++ b/storage/innobase/include/trx0sys.h
      @@ -159,7 +159,7 @@ from older MySQL or MariaDB versions. */
       /** The number of rollback segments; rollback segment id must fit in
       the 7 bits reserved for it in DB_ROLL_PTR. */
      -#define	TRX_SYS_N_RSEGS			128
      +#define	TRX_SYS_N_RSEGS			1
       /** Maximum number of undo tablespaces (not counting the system tablespace) */
      diff --git a/storage/innobase/log/log0recv.cc b/storage/innobase/log/log0recv.cc
      index 0aedc9c0bd4..99754fb2fa2 100644
      --- a/storage/innobase/log/log0recv.cc
      +++ b/storage/innobase/log/log0recv.cc
      @@ -1960,7 +1960,7 @@ bool recv_sys_t::parse(lsn_t checkpoint_lsn, store_t *store, bool apply)
                 if (!srv_is_undo_tablespace(space_id) ||
                     page_no != SRV_UNDO_TABLESPACE_SIZE_IN_PAGES)
                   goto record_corrupted;
      -          static_assert(UT_ARR_SIZE(truncated_undo_spaces) ==
      +          static_assert(UT_ARR_SIZE(truncated_undo_spaces) >=
                               TRX_SYS_MAX_UNDO_SPACES, "compatibility");
                 truncated_undo_spaces[space_id - srv_undo_space_id_start]=
                   { recovered_lsn, page_no };

      This suggests to me that algorithm in trx_purge_free_segment() actually relies on rseg->mutex to prevent deadlocks. With the default setting (all 128 rollback segments being located in the system tablespace), we can get this kind of deadlocks. I do not think that the deadlocks are caused by MDEV-24142 or MDEV-24167; the simpler rw-lock implementation is merely improving the chances of this occurring.

      With the above patch, one test still hung in both redundant and compact combinations:

      CURRENT_TEST: innodb.temp_table_savepoint
      mysqltest: At line 107: query 'reap' failed: 2013: Lost connection to MySQL server during query

      Each time, this would occur between two ROLLBACK. One thread was executing row_undo_try_truncate().

      If I compile with the default settings, then everything would seem to work. I only got these hangs with the settings CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo and CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS=-'DSRW_LOCK_DUMMY -Og -march=native -mtune=native.

      My full build invocation was as follows:



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