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Rename Table twice raise error "Tablespace is missing for a table"



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      From: https://github.com/docker-library/mariadb/issues/331

      Run docker-compose up -d
      connect with your favorite client (I'm using DBeaver Enterprise)
      Run a create table statement:

      CREATE TABLE NewTable (
      ID int primary key,
      name varchar(10)

      Run a RENAME table statement like this:
      RENAME TABLE mytestdb.NewTable TO mytestdb.NewTablea;

      Then, run again, another RENAME the statement:
      RENAME TABLE mytestdb.NewTablea TO mytestdb.NewTableb;

      The error I'm getting is:
      SQL Error [1025] [HY000]: (conn=4) Error on rename of './mytestdb/newtablea' to './mytestdb/newtableb' (errno: 194 "Tablespace is missing for a table")

      1 - When I install the MariaDB client via .msi installer for windows, all works fine
      2 - I changed the variable lower_case_table_names to 1 because the default with windows is coming 2 for me, but with no success, the error still the same.
      3 - I created the same container with mysql:latest image instead of mariadb and all works fine
      4 - Tried to adjust folder permissions on windows, giving all permisions to anyone (like a chmod 777 on linux), but the erros still the same.

      So I think that there's some problem with windows + mariadb:latest image


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