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Can't add galera node



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      I tested galera-3 and mariadb from the Debian repo, which worked with the provided configs (there are some config files that come with the Debian install, but they didn't seem to matter). However, their version uses yassl which is buggy and doesn't support tls 1.3. So I tried the 10.4.8-MariaDB version from the official repo which comes with openssl. I did a complete reinstall, but I can't add a second galera node, which worked with the package that debian provides...

      I use ansible to configure the DB, so after installing mariadb, I add a root password and perform the suggested hardening steps (i.e. the ones im mysql_secure_installation) on both servers (virtual machines) called asldb01 and asldb02. I only then add the 60-server.cnf to /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/ and stop both mariadb instances with `systemctl stop mysql`. Note I only attached the 60-server.cnf of asldb02, but the other one is similar except that the names are set accordingly. I restart them as follows:

      On one (virual) machine [asldb01] I start galera with: `galera_new_cluster` and on the other node I start it with `systemctl start mysql`. Unfortunately, the second one does not start successfully... The relevant part of the log can be seen in the syslog file.

      Let me know if more information is needed.
      Thanks for you time


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